4K Slideshow Maker For Windows Full Download

Apr 11, 2015- 4K Slideshow Maker  is a free, easy to use and extremely handy program to create impressive slide shows. 4K Projector Slide is one of the easiest applications to create professional slideshows from the photo collection. With this software, you save your memories in the form of video!
The program can set the video format, resolution, image quality, as fine as the correct speed display each photo to set up a slide show. It also offers the ability to add your own soundtrack to be played while watching a video created. There were also at the screen to preview the design and rotation options for individual photographs.
4K Slideshow Maker For Windows Full Download
The application is free and allows you to create slideshows from 5 different photographs. After buying the license will be able to create videos without any restrictions. It is worth noting that the 4K Projector Slide is very comfortable and extremely easy to use.

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