Acrylic WiFi Professional 3.0.5770.30583 For Windows Full Update

October 23, 2015- Acrylic WiFi Professional was created in order to allow analysis of WiFi networks in many aspects.
The program allows you to detect any irregularities in its operation, identify access points, channels are running the WiFi signal strength and data flow. All this is done with the support for networks operating in 802.11a / b / g / n / a.
The tool is designed primarily designed for experienced users and professional applications. Finds use especially in firms seeking to optimize maximum network environment. The software also finds a hidden network and provides a set of key information about them.
To act Acrylic Professional WiFi is not required to purchase any external devices. The only requirement is to have a supported network card with the latest drivers installed.
Acrylic WiFi Professional 3.0.5770.30583 For Windows Full Update
Acrylic WiFi Professional 3.0.5770.30583
Software Pro version is available in a 4-day trial.
Important Information Of Software

Acrylic Software
Trial (trial)
Operating System:
Windows (all)
8.1 MB
Updated Date:
October 23, 2015

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