Adblock Plus 2.6.12 For Windows Final Version Download

November 24, 2015- Adblock Plus is an extension / add-on to your web browser, through which we will block ads on various Web sites. The program cooperates with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari (must be taken into consideration based browsers Firefox and Chromium). 

It is worth noting that the client is also supported e-mail – Mozilla Thunderbird, otherwise prepared version of Adblock Plus for Android. Expanding stops of advertising (banners, popup, videos, etc.) while building on special lists, filters, ie collections of rules that determine the blocking of selected elements websites. 
Adblock Plus is also able to block user activity tracking solutions in a browser (eg. Track using the buttons social networking sites), as well as sites spreading malware, spam sending, responsible for exploits and phishing, or posing other risks to privacy and user data. The application can accept some ads, but only the least intrusive. 
 Adblock Plus 2.6.9 For Windows Latest Version Free Download
You have to remember that many sites keeps up with the display of advertising content, which is why the function was introduced to authorize aggressive advertising, but without the obstacles we exclude them in the settings of the extension (you can also edit the list of accepted items). Adblock Plus is based on Adblock, which is about 2,004 years actually stopped in place in terms of functionality. Plus version created by Michael McDonald, but since 2006 he develops Wladimir Palant. 
Users Adblock Plus have very much control over the currently used filter lists, and locking / unlocking of certain elements of websites. It is possible to block ads and other adverse solutions on a single page of the site or the entire site, disable / enable blocking for all sites, blocking of selected elements of advertising via the browser context menu and option available in the appendix, as well as blocking Flash and Java components using These buttons located at the extension. 
Adblock Plus allows for precise management rules to block individual components in a special panel of the browser, the application of exceptions and creating white lists, the use of wildcards and regular expressions to block a greater number of elements, importing kits of filters and advanced control over their rules, create their own sets of filters and their export Automatic (through subscriptions) or manually update filter lists, synchronize the settings between different computers extension (Firefox only), as well as hiding Blocked substitutes. 
By default, along with Adblock Plus to a couple of the most important filter lists (depending on your browser), including a list of locking elements characteristic of Polish (Poland location). There is nothing to prevent the addition of a further enrich the list, some of them can be selected via the settings, and more can be found in the Internet. Adblock Plus version for Mozilla Firefox offers the most opportunities, versions for other browsers are at the moment of creating a description poorer in features. In any case, we can manage the program through the key (to be exact – its context menu), available at a particular bar of the browser (eg. Toolbar, status bar, etc.), and also using the options Adblock Plus, which will open its menu using Additions / Extensions. 
The graphical interface extensions often looks differently in the browser. It is not very visually striking but no presence in this case of particular importance. Adblock Plus with the default settings is user-friendly for less experienced users. Advanced Configuration filters Be sure to read the instructions. The project website you can find the necessary documentation and tutorials.


Clicking the download button will take users Adblock Plus project website through which you can easily download and install the appropriate version for the currently your browser.

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Wladimir Palant


Freeware (free)
Operating System:
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
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November 24, 2015

Download Adblock Plus 2.6.12 Latest Version Download

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