Anti-plagiarism Software For Windows Download

December 06, 2015- Anti-plagiarism Software is seen as a modern way to check if your work has been plagiarized, it plays an important role for writers and journalists.
Anti-plagiarism software can also help teachers to check the authenticity of their student projects, as well as publishers who want to carefully check the validity of a written text before sending it to the printing machine.
There is no need to install it because it comes in a portable package that will not write to the system registry. It sports a simplified construction and is able to process the pasted text or the content loaded from a local text file.
The principle that anti-plagiarism software adopts is simple; It is based on the Google (.com, .de, .it, .net, .com, .es, Whatever your choice) to select similar content, and when it does, it indicates red, so you can clearly see parts which have been plagiarized.
Anti-plagiarism Software For Windows Download
At the bottom of the main window, you will be presented with links to the text of plagiarism, but you can not access them from within the application. For this purpose, you must save (automatically exports the contents to a CSV file on your desktop) and locate the links in the exported file.
In addition, it will also give you an idea of ​​how the original content by displaying a percentage of plagiarism, the higher the value, the less authentic text.
Given all of the above, the anti-plagiarism software needs a better design and approach more oriented to the user to display links to the text in order to plagiarism to appeal to the audience. You may also use a wider range of search engines for clarification.
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December 06, 2015

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