Assault Droid PC Game 2015 Download Full Version

August 09, 2015- Assault Droid – Free assault game. Droid Assault is a fascinating game in which your goal is to leave the enemy base that is full of robots. There are three types of enemies to face. Controlling your droid is very simple: use mouse you show the right direction to shoot and use the Android keyboard itself moves. It is walking from one module to another and destroy all the robots on their way. At first only you have a laser gun. 
You can shoot as long as you want, no limits on Droid Assault. Later, during the next levels, you also have access to a plasma gun that is even more powerful and destructive than laser. You can change the type of weapon using the mouse wheel. As you move along the field, you’ll see some barrels with fuel that can explode to destroy your enemies. 
Assault Droid PC Game 2015 Download Full Version
Assault Droid PC Game 2015
However, be careful as this will also damage your droid. When you reach a door between the modules you can open the DCA4 control panel firing at the wall or close to it and opens automatically. But beware of robots that are waiting behind the door; they will start to hit you as soon as you enter the next compartment. The repulsive robots are hidden everywhere and they are all longing for the motherboard. 
There are more and more of them so there is no time to waste! Assault Droid has 7 levels each filled with dangers and sinister places. Get ready for a death struggle between good and evil and start controlling your droid!

Download Assault Droid PC Game 2015

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