Battery Life Maximizer For Windows Full Download

May 19 2015- Battery Life Maximizer Battery Life Maximizer is a tool for extension of time your laptop battery. When scanning itemize all aspects of the system, which may shorten working on a single charge.
Among the various options that can be turned off there are proposals to those whose exemption is necessary or merely suggested. This means that the user can keep the right balance between value in use of the system and the length of battery life.
Battery Life Maximizer provides a set of statistics on labor history connected both hardware and software included. The application run in the background when minimized to the system tray. If you detect any problem that might shorten the length of battery life, suitable message is displayed.
Battery Life Maximizer For Windows Full Download
An interesting option is the automatic shut-off WiFi when the program detects that the computer is not connected to any access point.

Important Note:

The software is available in a 14-day trial.

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