BZR Player 1.04 For Windows Latest Updated Version

August 01, 2015- BZR Player is a free media player, offering the ability to play more than 480 different music formats. It was written entirely in C ++ and Qt and uses the popular programming FMOD library, which is used to play sounds and music.
Plays all major and popular media formats (MP3, OGG, WMV, etc.), and without major problems recreates the sounds of the following devices and computers – MOD Amiga, Atari or Nintendo NSF YM. In addition, unpacks and play sound on the fly (in this order supports RAR, ZIP, 7-Zip, LHA, GZIP or BZIP2).
In addition, it has a variety of functions to normalize the sound level, broadcasting Reverb (Reverb), HTTP and playback streams read from the tags ID3v1 and ID3v2. It also supports drag-and-drop and play Internet streams (for example, Internet radio stations).
BZR Player 1.04 For Windows Latest Updated Version
BZR Player 1.04 For Windows

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