C3 Voice Chat For Windows Latest Download (Full)

June 05, 2015- C3 Voice Chat For Windows. The communications platform extra complete game. Ever.
100% free. No server management or configuration. Invite friends fast channel with one click.

C3 Command Media

Competition is tough in the world of online games. C3 gives you full control and management of their communications making collaboration with partners more transparent than ever. Dominate the competition with C3.
  • Group moderation controls
  • Friends & Guild Notifications
  • Sub Channel
  • Create Channel
  • Custom notifications
  • Invite one click
  • Channel Access Control

Control means C3

Built with gamers in mind. C3 gives you the flexibility to control your game experience the way you want. Get C3 and get in the control tower to improve strategy and more wins.
  • Flexible display sizes
  • Favorite Channels
  • Tagging friend
  • Customizable profiles
  • Adjustment of controls
  • Strongly Skinable
  • Full voice control

C3 Media Report

C3 brings kick ass voice chat to online games. Vivox, the creators of C3, has over 5 years experience working with game publishers like Sony and CCP provide communications to their players. Do not worry about the quality again with C3.
  • Exceptional voice quality
  • Unlimited Channel Size
  • Online Status
  • Moderator individual controls
  • Multi Channel Capabilities
  • One calls Click

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