Can a Gaming Laptop Offer Better Value Than a Gaming Desktop PC?

A desktop PC is still the best choice for a gaming enthusiast, but gaming laptops do have some unique features. They are often more affordable and easy to transport than a desktop PC.

Gaming Laptop

In this article, I’ll cover some of the most important features to consider when purchasing a gaming laptop. Read on to find out which laptop is best for you! And don’t forget to check out our Upgradability and Future-proofing sections as well!

can a gaming laptop offer better value than a gaming desktop pc

Dedicated graphics chip

A dedicated graphics chip in a gaming laptop can make your computer perform better. While integrated graphics are good enough for most basic computing tasks, they aren’t as powerful as a dedicated GPU. Some users may want to invest in a dedicated graphics chip in their laptop, but not everyone needs one. There are several reasons to consider buying a dedicated graphics chip. Let’s discuss some of them. Also, if you’re considering a gaming laptop, consider its price and performance.

Dedicated graphics cards have a built-in fan. If you don’t buy a gaming laptop with a dedicated graphics chip, you’ll be sacrificing battery life. Dedicated graphics cards can reach temperatures of 170 degrees Fahrenheit under heavy use. The more intensive your game is, the more you’ll put stress on the GPU. If you’re a serious gamer, a dedicated graphics chip is a good idea.

A dedicated graphics chip is essential if you plan to play high-end games on your gaming laptop. While low-powered laptops are capable of playing many popular games, the higher-end gaming models will benefit from an improved graphics chip. A gaming laptop with a dedicated graphics chip will be smoother, but you’ll still need a high-resolution display. However, these laptops are not the only ones with dedicated graphics chips.

The dedicated graphics chip is important for gamers and professional video editors. The dedicated graphics chip is different from than integrated graphics chip. Although there are cheaper and weaker models of the dedicated graphics chips, they’re still more powerful than their integrated counterparts. You should be aware that the more powerful the dedicated graphics chip, the higher its cost. AMD and NVIDIA make dedicated graphics chips. The more powerful the chip, the more power it provides.

The dedicated graphics chip is separate from the CPU and houses the GPU. It can process graphics-related data and instructions. It also has its own memory or VRAM, so it can be easily accessed. Dedicated graphics chips provide faster performance as they do not share memory resources with other components. These laptops usually have more memory and higher RAM than integrated graphics chips. So, if you want to play games and need a high-end gaming machine, you should choose a laptop with a dedicated graphics chip.

240Hz max

If you want to experience the best possible gaming experience, a 240Hz max gaming laptop is the best option. Not only does it offer smoother gameplay, but it also has better performance in-game. The best 240Hz gaming laptops are capable of running games at a high frame rate of 144 FPS. However, it is still not enough to play the latest games. You should also consider the battery life before buying one.

In competitive gaming, a fraction of a second can make all the difference. Sometimes, a single second can make the difference between a win and a second-place finish. Because of this, more gamers are turning to 240Hz max gaming laptops. These laptops offer 240Hz refresh rates and provide a distinct advantage over slower gaming displays. The refresh rate allows you to see detail sooner and reduce response time.

can a gaming laptop offer better value than a gaming desktop pc 2

When looking for a high-end machine, there are several things to consider. The first is the refresh rate. A 240Hz max gaming laptop can offer a higher refresh rate than a standard desktop PC. However, a gaming laptop with a high refresh rate is a better option than a gaming desktop PC. Gaming laptops can be upgraded to more powerful GPUs in the future. Therefore, a gaming laptop with a high refresh rate is better value than a desktop PC.

Moreover, it can be used for video editing and recording in the garage. The MSI GP76 has a 17-inch display and a 240Hz max. It offers vibrant colors and adequate brightness. The only downsides of this laptop are its weight, and its battery life is practically non-existent. You may even have trouble immersing yourself in the game. But overall, it’s a great option for gamers.


If you’re looking for the best performance for your money, you should look for an upgraded gaming laptop with an upgradable GPU and hard drive. While desktop computers are standardized, gaming laptops are less so. The CPU and GPU can be upgraded but are often limited to the same model line and generation. One notable exception to this is the Alienware 51m. A gaming laptop’s GPU is usually integrated into the motherboard.

One way to test the upgradeability of a gaming laptop is to open the case and check the motherboard for information. Many laptops can’t be upgraded unless they are configured with room for future upgrades. However, the CPU and GPU must be soldered to the motherboard. To tell if your laptop is upgradeable, open the case and look for the “upgradable” label. Some manufacturers indicate this on their product pages.

Some gaming laptops are built with upgradeable internals, such as the Alienware Area 51m. It is similar to the desktop-style Area 51 system, with custom-built graphics and a CPU that can be upgraded. The laptop maker has committed to producing parts compatible with these in the future. If you’re looking for a powerful laptop with high-end performance, consider the Alienware Area 51m, which comes with an optional Core i9 processor and a custom-built GPU.

You should also check the RAM. Newly released games often have higher system requirements, and you’ll need more than eight gigabytes of RAM to play them. However, most gaming laptops are upgradeable and often have additional RAM slots. Just make sure to determine how much RAM you need beforehand and get the right amount. To install RAM, you’ll need to open the backside of the laptop. It’s important to ensure the laptop is disconnected from the power supply before you open it.

Another consideration to make when looking for a gaming laptop is the upgradeability of the GPU. While most gaming laptops cannot be upgraded to better GPUs, the Alienware Area 51m has a PCI express slot. This means that you can upgrade the GPU to a better one, much like a gaming PC can be upgraded. However, this upgrade may be difficult and may cause damage to the laptop. This is especially important if you’re upgrading from an older model.


One of the best ways to future-proof your computer is to pick a platform that will last for several generations. You might think that choosing a CPU that is mid-generation is future-proof, but this is not always the case. Choosing a platform with a better upgrade path is better in the long run, especially if you plan on upgrading in the near future. If you’re just looking to game and don’t need high-end graphics, then AM4 is the better option.

RAM is another important component for future-proofing a gaming laptop. RAM acts as the short-term memory of all your programs and files, so the more RAM you get, the more programs you can run at once without affecting your system’s performance. As technology advances, more RAM will also keep older laptops competitive with newer models. You can find additional RAM modules and upgrade your laptop with them by looking for extra slots on the motherboard.

A new laptop is a big investment. While some people enjoy upgrading their existing laptops, others may want to buy a powerful new one. Either way, a high-quality laptop with great technical specs should be good for several years. Future-proofing your laptop will ensure that it continues to perform at its highest level for years to come. So, make sure you future-proof it now! Then you’ll never have to worry about regretting your purchase later.

Another way to future-proof a gaming laptop is to upgrade its RAM, storage, and graphics card. Many gaming laptops come with external graphics cards and additional RAM to increase their capabilities. It’s important to remember that how you take care of your gaming laptop will make it last for years. Always keep temperatures under control and play games on medium settings to avoid overheating your laptop. You don’t want to risk ruining your gaming laptop because you haven’t properly taken care of it.

Final Words

Another way to future-proof a gaming laptop is to purchase it with the latest processor. A 10th generation processor is far superior to a 9th generation one. It’s also far more powerful and can keep up with the latest video games. However, some games can overrun your laptop’s GPU and cause it to get too hot. So, if you plan on buying a gaming laptop in the near future, it’s worth it to upgrade the GPU every couple of years.

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