Counter-Strike 2D For PC Full Version Download

November 22, 2015- The idea of ​Counter-Strike 2D to create a game that is very similar to the original game Counter-Strike by Valve Software, but with a top-down perspective 2D. I played Counter-Strike since it was a mod for Half-Life free in beta back around 1999, but have not played in years. I lost countless hours playing the game and often even the same map over and over again for hours. Usually de_dust or de_dust_2. So, it’s been a while. 
Imagine my surprise to see a 2D, top-down version of the game. And it’s perfect. It’s all there. Sounds, guns, Internet gaming, servers, bots, chat, buddy lists, complaints about pirates, whatever. I do not think you need my recommendation here if you’ve played Counter-Strike before because that means you have to check. If you like games from the top down (I rarely do) or Counter-Strike, then you will not be disappointed, at least for a while. Simply extract the files and run the executable. 
Counter-Strike 2D should be in any Counter-Strike game fans collection. The initial idea of ​​Counter-Strike 2D was to create a game that is very similar to the original game Counter-Strike by Valve® Software but is a 2D top-down perspective. 
Counter-Strike 2D For PC Full Version Download
This objective is achieved by applying all original Counter-Strike weapons with their original sound, adding known hostage rescue (CS) and defuse bomb (DE) scenarios (+ VIP (AS) mode has been removed from the original Counter-Strike already) and, finally, by creating 2D versions of the most popular maps from Counter-Strike.

Counter-Strike 2D features:

  • Fast-paced and tactical play similar to Counter-Strike.
  • Chat and radio messages original Counter-Strike. 
  • Fog of War only lets you see enemies in your field of view (optional).
  • Bots (AI) available for the games on and offline​ (Lua script).

Important Information Of Software


Unreal Software


Freeware (free)
Operating System:
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
6.25 MB
Updated Date:

November 22, 2015

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