Download- Nimbuzz For iPhone 3.6.0 Latest Version

(August 30, 2014)- Nimbuzz For iPhone 3.6.0 Latest Version: Nimbuzz is a multi-platform instant messenger that lets you keep in touch with all your friends where you are. With it, you can chat and have group conversations with your contacts, share pictures and other files, and share your location. The application can also connect with friends who use extra services, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Moreover, Nimbuzz lets you make free voice calls to other users who also have the application installed. If your friends do not use Nimbuzz, you can still reach them through low-cost calls to mobiles and fixed by purchasing credits Nimbuzz Out.

Download- Nimbuzz For iPhone 3.6.0 Latest Version
Other notable features of the app contain push notifications, offline messages, support other SIP providers, avatars, chat history and many more.
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