Download RSS Guard 3.2.2 For Windows Latest

Guard RSS feed reader is simple (yet powerful). It is able to get more formats known sources, including RSS / RDF and Atom.
RSS Guard is developed on top of the Qt library and is compatible with the following operating systems:
  • Windows XP and later,
  • GNU / Linux,
  • OS / 2 (eComStation)
  • Mac OS X,
  • xBSD (possibly)
  • Android (possibly)
  • other platforms supported by Qt.
Download RSS Guard 3.2.2 For Windows Latest
RSS Guard is written in C ++. It is quite fast, even with a lot of messages loaded. The main features are:
  • Support for synchronization in power line through plugins, Tiny RSS (RSS-Guard 3.0.0).
  • multiplatform,
  • support for all font formats,
  • simplicity,
  • import / export of food to / from OPML 2.0,
  • downloader with own tab and support for up to 6 parallel downloads,
  • filter messages using regular expressions,
  • feed fetching metadata including icons,
  • Simple Adblock functionality,
  • custom pop-up notifications,
  • autocompletion based on Google for the internal web browser address bar,
  • capacity internal database cleanup messages with various options,
  • improved feed automatic update with separate time intervals,
  • support for multiple back-end data, SQLite (in memory DB too), and MySQL.
  • It is able to specify the target database by name (MySQL engine)
  • help “portable” smart auto-sensing mode,
  • categorization supply,
  • drag and drop to the list of sources,
  • automatic update,
  • ability to discover existing foods on websites,
  • full support of the podcasts (both RSS and Atom)
  • ability to backup / restores the database or adjustments,
  • with all functions-recycle bin,
  • printing messages and web pages,
  • It can be completely controlled via the keyboard,
  • supply authentication (CRAM-MD5, basic, NTLM-2),
  • handles messages and tons of feed,
  • sweet look and feel,
  • Fully adjustable toolbars (interchangeable buttons and style)
  • ability to check for updates on all platforms + auto-update Windows,
  • hideable main menu, toolbars and the list of headers,
  • KFeanza-based default icons theme + ability to create your own icon themes,
  • Fully customizable user interface + ability to create their own skins,
  • See “Daily”
  • a lot of skins,
  • support to “feed: //” URI scheme,
  • ability to list feeds / hide categories,
  • development model based on open source GNU GPL license, version 3,
  • tabbed interface,
  • integrated web browser with adjustable behavior + supports external browser,
  • internal web browser mouse gestures support,
  • desktop integration through tray icon,
  • locations some languages,
  • Qt library is the only dependency,
  • the development model of open source and author of use pending review,
  • No ads, no hidden costs.

What’s New:

  • RSS Guard now supports icon themes of the entire system and Windows -> built in Faenza topic was set.
  • The own cloud plug-in can now add the content and rename feed.

  • Some strollers and code errors minor.
  • Fixed problem the total number of messages.

Important Information Of Software


RSS Guard


Freeware (free)
Operating System:
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
14.6 MB
Updated Date:
May 07,  2016

Download RSS Guard 3.2.2 For Windows Final

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