Download StartIsBack 2021 Latest Version For Windows

StartIsBack Windows 8 becomes a menu actual start, with all the functions and the start button, behaving exactly like those of Windows 7.
StartIsBack radically improves the usability of desktops and makes the new home screens clutter-free. StartIsBack light is a totally native privileges program zero, cheap and fair, fast, stable, and secure.

Boot to desktop

Your session would begin with the desktop. Always. Unlike other solutions, StartIsBack goes directly to the desktop every time without blinking the screen, even for a split second.
Download StartIsBack Latest Version For Windows

Original, with all functions of the Start menu Windows 7

StartIsBack restores the Start menu Genuine Windows 7 with all its features: search, drag, and drop, and covered recently used applications, fully customizable settings. start button and start seeing the menu and behave exactly like they used to in Windows 7.

and modern desktop interfaces are clearly separated

StartIsBack is the only tool that is able to provide consistency in Windows 8 by separating desk and modern programs. The real work is done at a desk while the new home screen becomes a pitcher-only modern application.

Make clutter-free home screen

Windows 8 requires organizing a new home screen that can quickly turn into a long list of programs anchored mess with automatically. This is no longer the case with StartIsBack. If you turn the screen at startup applications, you will not have the pain of managing two Start places.

Fully native

StartIsBack any services or additional programs that are not running. It integrates into your computer without problems. No other tools or frameworks required to install and can be installed without administrative privileges. The Start menu is fully translated into their language with the same metric names and Windows 7 had.

rich customization and configuration

StartIsBack allows you to configure many aspects of the appearance and behavior of the Start menu and elements of the modern interface. This is done in the most reliable manner within an attractive and easy user interfaces configuration.

StartIsBack in Windows 10 now:

  • Live badges for modern applications in the Taskbar and Start Menu!
  • Ability to reduce the use of resources by disabling new Start menu and launch processes Cortana
  • Ability to properly use size (32×32) large icons and start menu button on the taskbar more
  • Glyphs modern icon right pane of the Start menu
  • lack of modern definition drops context menus shade and drive to the start menu
  • Fully aware of dynamic start menu DPI and application configuration
  • New modern style with round-user image
  • A lot of new additions and minor changes

Important Information Of Software


Stanislav Zinukhov


Operating System:
10.2 MB
Updated Date:

June 06, 2021

Download StartIsBack 2021 Latest Version

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