EasyRecovery Professional For Windows Full

September 12, 2015- Data recovery program Ontrack Easy Recovery is an excellent way to restore lost data, as well as an assessment of a disk.

If you have lost data due to:

  • Bugs
  • Accidental deletion
  • Business malicious software or computer viruses attack
  • Improper turning off the computer
  • Errors resulting from electrical surges and interruptions in the supply of electricity
  • Missing or damaged file system structures
  • Formatted or use Fdisk on the data carrier.

The program EasyRecovery Data Recovery can help you! It is extremely efficient and easy to use application that enables efficient file recovery. The program recovers lost or accidentally deleted data, various folders, volumes of floppy media zip about Jaz drives, hard drives IDE / SCSI / EIDE / ATA, as well as Windows 95/98 / Me, Windows NT / 2000 / XP (FAT, FAT32, and NTFS) and Vista and 7. Thanks to the program, you will find even those figures whose structures are damaged. In case you want to recover data from a computer that can not run Windows, you can use the emergency boot disk.
EasyRecovery Professional For Windows Full
EasyRecovery Professional For Windows
Ontrack EasyRecovery is available in three different versions – Home Professional and Enterprise. Ontrack EasyRecovery Home is invaluable tool for home users who need quick and easy-to-use photo recovery software, movies, music, and most of all important documents.
Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional – obligatory for companies that value their data. The Professional version is equipped with a set of tools including data recovery, email, preview hex SMART analysis and diagnostics saved and bad sectors. Included are also tools for image processing data, copying and refresh the disk.
Ontrack EasyRecovery Enterprise other hand, most developed version, supports restoring data in the network mode. An excellent choice for companies that require data recovery from multiple workstations. The software allows you to restore data from RAID (logic and hardware) is equipped with an expanded set of tools to recover data from e-mail, view hex, SMART analysis and diagnostics saved and bad sectors. In addition, they included are tools for creating and managing disk images.
Important Information Of Software

Kroll Ontrack Inc.
Operating System:
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
439 KB
Updated Date:
September 12, 2015

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