Exterminate It! For Windows Final Version Download

June 18, 2015- Exterminate It! For Windows. Exterminate It! is an effective and extremely functional antivirus program, which provides full security against various threats lurking on the Web. With it, you will provide computer and liquidate various malicious software that may harm our operating system.
Exterminate It! It is one of those programs that can supplement the system already installed antivirus software (Internet Security etc.). Do not consume too many system resources and can be used on older and much slower computers. Exterminate It! It scans your system very quickly and effectively detects spyware, malware, Trojans, dialers, adware, viruses and other such pests.
Exterminate It! For Windows Final Version Download

It has 4 scan modes:

  • Smart Scan (Quick Scan “on the fly” Memory and most important locations on your hard drive)
  • Full Scan (long and thorough scan of all locations on your hard drive, including a scan of memory and files)
  • Custom Scan – scan any user-selected location and parameters,
  • Memory Scan allows you to check only the system memory to detect and dispose of pests.
  • Exterminate It! It offers:
  • 24-hour coverage protection for the operating system,
  • Clear and functional user interface,
  • Huge database of information on anti-malware (approx. 10 million), which ensures detection and removal of virtually all pests and infections,
  • A free daily database updates,
  • Compatibility with other security programs,
  • Additional tools to protect your computer by dangerous rootkits.

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