Firefox 38.0.5 For Windows Final Version Free Download

June 01, 2015- Firefox 38.0.5 For Windows. Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers. It is characterized by a comfortable and modern interface, high performance, advanced security when you browse Web sites, extensive personalization and the ability to synchronize personal data (cards, bookmarks) between the different versions of applications are compatible with Windows and mobile devices.

Firefox also has a special mode of personalization. After opening a special window, the user can move any elements of the browser interface, making it a favorite and frequently used functions are always at hand. Firefox includes great improvements in the field of performance. He appeared more powerful JavaScript engine Monkey and support ECMA Script5 standard.
Firefox 38.0.5 For Windows Final Version Free Download

Mozilla is the only one of the pioneers in implementing new HTML5 standards, therefore, not surprising WebM service that offers video playback in HD. The browser supports multi-touch. Not forgotten to use WebGL, which provides three-dimensional image in online games.  It is worth mentioning that Mozilla Firefox is now much more resilient to failures Adobe Flash plugin, Apple QuickTime or Microsoft Silverlight.

Error any of them does not interrupt the program. All you have to refresh the page, and the plugin will automatically reboot. Note: drop-down list you will find a test version of Firefox Beta 64-bit version of Firefox Developer Edition and Firefox Nightly .

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