Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker 2021 Download

Your grammar and spelling everywhere. Without effort. Seamless. It works.

Integrated with desktop & web applications

Ginger Proofreader is included with MS Office and all major browsers which allows you to write documents, presentations, and emails with confidence.

Contextual grammar and spell checking

Ginger Proofreader identifies and marks misspelled words and grammar while taking into account their context.
Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker 3.7.158 Download 2017

Corrects as you type or scanning documents from any

You can see the corrections that you type or Ginger Proofreader can scan the entire document for errors.

Grammar checker

Based on the situation of complete sentences Ginger grammar checker uses patented technology to rectify the faults of grammar, misused words, and misspellings with unparalleled accuracy.

Spell checker

Ginger the spelling and the grammar checker uses a breakthrough patented technology to correct errors of any type including those left without being detected by other auditors of spelling as correctly spelled words used in the wrong context.

Text to speech

With Ginger Text to Speech English learners can transform any text into a podcast for learning English and form their understanding of English as their English ability to listen.

Improve your English

Ginger will teach you how to improve the relevant topics for you based on your own mistakes. You will be accessible with corrections to your sentences and learn to pronounce them.
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Ginger Software


Freeware (free)
Operating System:
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
48.7 MB
Updated Date:

April 06, 2021

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