IceCream Screen Recorder 1.41 For Windows Latest Download

April 21, 2015- IceCream Screen Recorder is a free tool for recording video clips from your desktop system and create screenshots from any area on the monitor screen.
Screen Recorder icecream program offers a complete set of tools and access to professional options by which you catch screenshots from any part of the desktop, or we will record everything that happens on the screen of our monitor (in HD). 
Using the program, you can real-time “live “to record a video conference with skype messenger enabled, capture web pages and video from running video games, and even create demonstrations from the desktop system. IceCream Screen Recorder is ideal for creating video-reviews, multimedia guides from computer games. 
The program, there is the ability to record video with sound (microphone plugged required), configure keyboard shortcuts, and view content created directly from within the application. Users can also edit the captured screenshots, and then instantly share them online or via Skype.

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