Intelligent Article Rewriter and Spinner 2021

 If you are a freelance writer, online marketer, or website owner, you are always on the lookout for unique content to publish on your blog. You want the content to be distinctive from other pieces of writings that are found on competitors’ websites. The competitive internet world demands well-written and unique content that grabs readers’ attention.

To establish your unique identity, how do you create fresh content for your existing website regularly? We all know that coming up with new ideas every day can be difficult. The problem especially arises when you have to generate content on the same topic, or worse, the same title consecutively. Running out of ideas in such a case is inevitable. So, how to tackle this situation? Have you heard about the SEO Magnifier online article spinner? If not, then continue reading this post, as we will unveil the amazing benefits of this incredible software.

What Does It Mean to Rewrite Article?

Article rewriting is a practice where the writer takes the context and idea of an already published article and reproduces it with new syntax and words. It may sound like a simple task to achieve, but to rewrite an article is an art that requires a lot of practice and skill. For this reason, people usually turn to professional writers to do the job, but what if I told you that you could perform the same job using a free article spinner.

Why Should I Rewrite Article?

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In today’s era, content marketing is the new way to integrate into the market, capture the target audience’s attention, and eventually convert into sales. Platforms like social media, websites, and blogs are used to market content. Since online marketing is a recurring exercise, you can rewrite articles to distribute a single work on various platforms. Instead of creating a new article every time, you can simply rewrite the article using an article spinner and consistently update your website.

Let’s closely look into what major benefits these article spinners offer.

Cheap or zero cost: Most of the spinners that rewrite articles are freely available on the internet. A quality spinner software has an extensive database of synonyms that rephrases sentences and replaces words with synonyms. Instead of hiring professional writers who charge hefty amounts, why not use a spinner that will produce the same quality of work free of cost or charge less than the writer.

Saves time: Did you know you can rewrite an article with an article spinner in literally seconds. You just have to feed in the data and wait for a few seconds or a few minutes at max. The same efforts would take more time when taken by the services of content writers.

Unique output: Every marketer is looking for unique output, and that is exactly what an article spinner produces. The original content is what attracts viewers, which should not be lost in the rewriting process. These are some essential ingredients that an article spinner should retain.

Help build backlinks: Every website operator looks for quality backlinks. If your spinner rewrites an article with top-notch quality, then top ranking websites in the same industry will create backlinks to it. The more backlinks your post has, the greater are the chances to rank higher on search engines.

Improves ranking: Search engines look for quality and unique content on websites. Any site that consistently comes up with fresh content can easily make their way up on the search engines’ ranking.

Best Spinner to Rewrite Article

We have spoken in detail about the great benefits offered by article spinners. But you have to make sure not to over-spin articles as they may lose originality.

Finding an article spinner that produces quality content can be a tough job. The market is flooded with these programs, but only a few have credibility. Let’s list down those names so that you make the right choice when picking an article spinner for yourself.


RewriteGuru has been assisting writers and online marketers for years. Its clean interface and the ad-free website is a treat to the eye. Coming to its features, this online tool rewrite sentences and removes plagiarism at the same time. Moreover, it also runs a grammar check on your content for free. You will be assured that your final output is flawless when using this article spinner. So, what are you waiting for? You can access this tool easily by visiting

          Clever Spinner

Clever spinner is an AI-based program that uses advanced technology to rewrite article smartly. The software is intelligent enough to spin the article such that it seems a native English speaker has written it. The software claims to generate 100% unique content and takes a few seconds to spin a 500-word article.


The article rewritten by WordAi closely resembles human quality content. Not even an expert would find out that the article has been spun. WordAi’s simple user interface is what makes it appealing to most writers.

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