Iperius Backup 4.2.2 For Windows Download Full

April 05, 2015- Iperius Backup Free is an interesting proposal for a program to backup data. It is characterized by a very large range of configuration options and clear layout. All functions are within easy reach, and not hidden deep in the extensive menu, as happens in similar solutions.
The program has multiple backup options, for example, you can specify multiple source files and folders at the same time. Powerful scheduler allows almost any scheduling at different time intervals, eg. Every day, every week, every month. The program also handle unusual scheduling as automatic creation of backup every third Thursday of the month.
Iperius Backup 4.2.2 For Windows Download Full
Iperius Backup Free also features the option to automatically send e-mail shortly after the end of the process. This message contains a detailed report indicating the progress of the copy.
Since this is a free version, the service has certain limitations, by far the largest of which is the lack of support for the currently open file copying.

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