Joomla! 3.3.0 For Windows

February 26, 2015- To give a powerful content management system is much more than. Here is a list of features “out of the box” but the true power of Joomla is in its extensibility.

User Management

Joomla allows users to create personalized options that have a registration system. Different users are allowed to access the types of permissions, nine user groups with editing, publishing and management are.
Authentication LDAP, comments, and even including Gmail user management and Joomla support multiple protocols, is an important part. It allows users to streamline the registration process, use your existing account information allows.

Media Manager

Media Manager to easily manage media files or folders and to handle any type of file Mime type can configure the settings for the device. At any time you can capture images and other files Media Manager is included in Article Editor tool.
Joomla! 3.3.0 For Windows Latest Version Free Download

Language Manager

Many world languages ​​and UTF-8 encoding is not supported internationally. In a language and a second operator panel if you need a website, multiple languages ​​are possible.

It starts with creating a client profile, using banner manager Banner on your website is easy to set up. You need as you add campaigns and as many banners once, your impression numbers, special URLs, and more can be set.

Contact Management

Contact manager your customers find the right person and their contact information does help. Also be on specific individuals as well as group supports multiple contact forms.

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