Nokia PC Suite For Windows

January 31, 2015- Nokia PC Suite is an application designed to allow owners of Nokia phones to transfer important files from mobile phone to PC and vice versa, but also to control some functions of the handheld directly from the desktop.

Features supported on packet in a user-friendly interface

The tool is supposed to provide new features for those who bought a Nokia phone, including editing, backup and synchronize your files. Nokia PC Suite or less do that, because it is an easy to use, with a very friendly and intuitive interface that should get used to in a matter of minutes.

Connectivity options

All functions are accessible from the main interface, as soon as the phone is properly connected to the PC. There are four available connectivity options: Bluetooth, infrared cable, serial (CA-42) and the USB cable, with the latest being the fastest.
Nokia PC Suite For Windows
Sometimes, you can produce some connection problems when trying to link the mobile phone and computer. Also present transfer or other application features may be unavailable. If this occurs, disconnect your device and try to establish a new connection.

Messaging, synchronization, backup and other smart features

The messaging feature Nokia PC Suite comes in very useful as it allows you to write a SMS message on your computer and send it to someone in your address book. Still, note that the message is not mechanically transferred to the “sent” phone.
The characteristics of synchronization and backup allow you to keep important content stored on your Nokia phone safe and ready for quick restoration. You can sync notes, contacts and calendar so keep them updated both computer and mobile device.
Another useful feature that you will find in the Nokia PC Suite is video viewing and conversion. It can be used to convert any movie in the video format compatible with your Nokia phone.

A mobile phone manager efficient and reliable in general

Securing a lot of powerful features that allow you to easily control and manage the content of your mobile phone Nokia PC Suite offers a nice experience overall.

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