Power Spy 2015 11.58.0 For Windows Full Download

May 30, 2015- Power Spy 2015 11.58.0 For Windows. Power Spy  is an application monitoring the activity of computer users. It operates in complete hidden constantly recording every keystrokes, chats, visited websites, email clients, seen movies, shared photos, run applications and many more.
Power PC Keylogger also intercepts communications are made through Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ AIM and others. Automatically creates screenshots at user specified intervals.
Power Spy 2015 11.58.0 For Windows Full Download
The tool starts at boot time in hiding, and it was restored to normal must use a defined key combination. The application has the ability to send reports to our mailbox. The software will help to control the actions of our children and also proves to be an excellent source of evidence when conducting investigations.

Download Power Spy 2015 11.58.0 For Windows 

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