QQ Player 3.9.934 For Windows Full Download LATEST

January 20, 2016- QQ Media Player allows you to play videos, movies and music, video, and instant digital images, convert video and music, play 3D movies and more.

QQ Media Player Features:


It helps instant video and digital images; you can save on your computer. There are three types of snapshotting or capture video footage; First, take a picture video Lifesize video playback and pressing the camera icon (shot) – then a window opens in front of you that contains all the settings used to store images; You can change the way of savings and define the extent of the image (PNG, JPG, and BMP).
QQ Player 3.9.923 For Windows Full Download Latest

Splitting and cutting video

QQ Player application allows you to cut shots video and audio files, providing an advanced tool for the video division. You can cut a shot of a video and save it to your computer with the format of the original video or save it as a different format.

Converting video and audio

QQ Player helps you convert videos, movies and music in many formats. It provides a tool to convert video while working independently and has a simple interface and user-friendly; you can run the video conversion tool without the need to maintain the functioning of QQ player. QQ player has a high-speed video conversion while providing you with many options.

Video compression

There are some videos and movies large that need to be compressed to reduce its size in order to save some space on your hard disk. There are also a lot of users who want to compress movies for playback on mobile phones. It helps you compress video files and maintain its quality. It provides an effective tool for compressing video.

Merging videos

It helps you combine videos at high speed. You can combine a lot of videos simple steps. Our program offers a lot of options to merge videos; such as the merging of different format videos and save the video again in many formats.

Transfer video files to pad phone I & I

If you have an iPad or iPhone and want to transfer videos and movies easily and quickly, you can use QQ Player to transfer videos, movies and subtitles on your iPad device and the iPhone using Wi-Fi technology without connecting IPad and IPhone their computer using cables.

3D Movie Playback

The program helps you to play 3D movies and convert normal 2D movies to 3D movies in one click. 3D movies are a new technology that began to prevail with the spread of television screens and computers that support the operation of this impressive technology.

Subtitles installation Movies

QQ player lets you install and run subtitle files to movies. It supports all file extensions subtitles; which they are ASS, SSA, and SRT. The installation process of a subtitle file is a very easy to name the subtitle file after the movie file name so. After playing the movie, the player will automatically open the subtitle file and install it in the film.
Important Information Of Software


Tencent, Inc.


Freeware (free)
Operating System:
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
31.4 MB
Updated Date:

January 20, 2016

Download QQ Player 3.9.934 For Windows 

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