RoboForm For Windows

January 23, 2015- RoboForm is a free password manager and web form filler clicking with some serious Artificial Intelligence.

A fresh new look

We have updated our look. RoboForm is not only easy on the eyes we have reorganized and streamlined our menu files updated our icons and we have improved our process flow. All design improvements were made to make RoboForm easier and pleasant to use. See more details below.

RoboForm is everywhere

We have expanded into new browsers like Google Chrome Safari for Windows. We have made available RoboForm on most mobile devices like the iPhone / iPod Touch, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm, Google, Android and Symbian. And of course you can still use RoboForm2Go in all USB flash drives.
RoboForm For Windows

Keep your passwords in sync

With the opening of RoboForm Everywhere, you can now keep your logins, Identities, markers and other perfectly synchronized between all computers and devices data.

Improved Capture Password

We’ve made it easier for you to view capture and store your passwords as you connect to web sites. Our new “information bar” Log suggest a name based on the name of the site but can easily customize the name and storage location. If for some reason you do not want RoboForm to store passwords in a particular site just choose “Do not save / Never Stop Site” and RoboForm will not save your login information.

Online and offline options

For traditionalists still offer individual computer RoboForm Pro licenses. For those of you who are looking for greater flexibility we added a RoboForm Everywhere license that allows you to RoboForm on as many computers and devices you want, then link to a RoboForm Online account to keep all your passwords and other RoboForm data in sync.

New Login Multifunction

Do you find yourself entering the same web 3.5 sites every morning. We have created a Mega Passcard function making it even easier for you. Now you can access several web sites with one click. Simply combine some of your logins in a mega session and access all site simultaneously.

Improved markers

RoboForm is more than a password manager. Besides making it easier for you to log on to your favorite web sites we’ve made it easy to visit your favorite websites with our best features favorite. You can import your existing bookmarks from all your browsers drag.and.drop to organize and best of all you can keep them synchronized between all your computers and mobile devices.

Everything works faster

Although not very sexy to talk we have completely redesigned the architecture RoboForm RoboForm make faster and more flexible so that we can implement future changes faster. You might not be able to see it … but it’s there!

Best Organized Menus

We made our most popular features easier to find and moved our least popular submenus features RoboForm making it even easier to use than before.

Most popular early session

In addition to recently used now show the most popular connections.

Icons Site

Your logins have never looked better. Site add icons next to the list of logins making it easier for you to identify and access your favorite sites.

Better Language Support

RoboForm is available in 30 languages. Now we fully support Unicode improving language support in general including the ability to make multi.lingual searches RoboForm.

What makes

  • AutoSave passwords in browser
  • Form AutoComplete passwords for access
  • Click the Login button for you
  • Fill personal information in online forms
  • Save offline passwords and notes
  • Generate secure random passwords
  • Encrypt passwords and personal data using 3.DES
  • All personal information is stored on your computer only
  • Put passwords on USB drive for added security
  • Sync your passwords and safenotes to a Pocket PC and Pocket
  • Backup & Restore Print your passwords
  • More features: drill down for more
  • It well.behaved: NO adware, no spyware
  • Works under Windows as an add.on to IE.base browsers
  • Works with Netscape Mozilla Firefox on Windows


  • Memorize your passwords and logs you in automatically.
  • Complete the registration forms and checkout long with one click.
  • Encrypts your passwords to achieve full security.
  • Generates random passwords that hackers can not guess.
  • Fights Phishing via filling passwords only on matching web sites.
  • Defeats Keyloggers by not by keyboard to type passwords.
  • Backs up your passwords Copies them among computers.
  • Synchronize passwords among computers using GoodSync.
  • Searches for keywords in your passwords notes & Internet.
  • Notebook: Pass2Go RF runs from USB key no install needed.
  • PDA.friendly: sync your passwords to Pocket PC and Palm.
  • Neutral: works with Internet Explorer AOL / MSN Firefox.

What’s new:

Mac updated to version 1.9.2

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