Super Mouse Auto Clicker 4.1.3 For Windows Full Download

August 17, 2015- Super Mouse Auto Clicker is an easy-to-use tool user with a monotonous and repetitive operation as clicking a mouse button. The software offers a very wide range of configuration options and acts in secret.
Interface Super Mouse Auto Clicker was built from a single window that contains a list of all user-defined tasks to be performed. To create a new task, just click the New button and execute any instructions in a simple wizard. Without difficulty, we ask applications that automatically clicked on the defined points, colors or selected image. With success, we can also determine which mouse button you want to use, and how many times.
Super Mouse Auto Clicker 4.1.3 For Windows Full Download
Super Mouse Auto Clicker 4.1.3 
The software allows you to set the interval between the clicks of accuracy to hours, minutes, seconds and tenths or even hundredths of a second. We define also the number of clicks and return to the original place after the completion of the task. Super Mouse Auto Clicker can be called up using the hot key.
The program is useful wherever there are repetitive operations, both in the system environment or in games.
The program is available in a 10-day trial!
Important Information Of Software

Automation Software
Trial (trial)
Operating System:
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
675 KB
Updated Date:
August 17, 2015

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