The Bat! Home Edition 6.7.36 For windows

February 27, 2015- Popular email client that lets you work with an unlimited number of mailboxes, and many other features.
An award winning email client Powerful with a fresh friendly interface.It has all the features of an advanced user ever need.Virus proof email system for 95/98 / W2K / XP to make your e-communication safe and easy.
The Bat! has a lot of benefits that make your email experience simple and convenient:
The Bat! Home Edition 6.7.36 For windows

Microsoft Exchange Connectivity

The Bat! connects to Microsoft Exchange servers using native MAPI protocol to fetch or send the messages. Just install Microsoft Office Outlook or Microsoft Exchange Client to supply connectivity components which The Bat Change! will be using

Spam protection

The Bat! has Bayesian filtering in the default installation. We must educate the reader what is spam and what is not, and then they will do the job.

Desk of Smart

The Classification Office is a filtration system powerful, not only directs incoming, outgoing calls, read and replied messages to folders, but too can auto-respond; reply with a custom template; forward, redirect, print messages or export; send read receipts; run an external program and more. The Bat! sorting office is therefore sophisticated that you can even run the mailing list server with subscribe / unsubscribe full functionality. More.

Handy Message Templates

In addition to the signatures, The Bat! can create message templates using particular macros. Any mailbox, folder or entry in the Address Book can have a set of templates for the new letter, reply or forward. These templates will greatly facilitate the process of developing a message, especially when the message has a standard or common text. More.

Quick Templates

In the message editor, Quick Templates will save you hours of typing. Insert text blocks – even from files on disk – add custom message information, attach files and vCards, and more – all with a couple of keystrokes and without using menu commands.

Efficient Antivirus Protection

The Bat! will warn you when you try to open a suspicious attachment. Moreover, unlike some other mail clients, The Bat! No script is not started automatically. The Bat! v2 features fresh plug-in interface for antivirus programs to check data for viruses only in special occasions like receiving mail or save attachments. Using plug-ins that saves the urgent need for permanent use running antiviral monitors that may significantly degrade the performance of the computer.

Parking Message

Message parking is designed to prevent accidental deletion of a valuable message. When parking a message, you will not be able to move to another folder, or be deleted or automatically purged.

Built-In Backup and Restore

You can back up all configuration settings, address books and folders, and restore the file information backup in case of accidental data loss. You can also leave a comment to the backup file, select include accounts to backup and even password protect the archive file. In addition The Bat! that allows you to create a separate backup for each mailbox.

Synchronizing E

Mail synchronization is one way of keeping two separate copies of The Bat! up with the others. Synchronize themselves, mailbox settings and account, address books and message attachments.

Extended Support of National Codepages

The Bat! allows you to set a page of individual codes per mailbox, per folder or entry in the address book.

Convenient Message Dispatcher

The message dispatcher is special for The Bat!, Allowing you to view the messages stored on the mail server POP3 or IMAP without downloading feature. This is very useful for managing your mail remotely, for example leaving “that copy of the huge” on the server until you get home, but recovery and reading the urgent notes while still in the connection Mobile.

Fast address book

The address book gives you an easy way to maintain the list of contacts you have. You can create dedicated to a particular classification or for use as a mailing list groups. Each entry in the Address Book can have a personal and business address, which is proper template, default Codepage, and even photograph and S / MIME certificate attached to it.

Multi Language interface

The Bat! to change the interface language “on the fly” without restarting the progam.

Submission Forms

Submission Forms is a device for creating queries that are automatically processed servers – are a great solution for a client-server business environment.

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