TunnelBear 2.4.5 For Windows

February 11, 2015- Staying secure while surfing the Internet is really important and VPN application can hide your location and identity which lets you search for information anonymously without having to worry about websites recording location.

You can also access content that is not available in your current location. TunnelBear VPN helps you do now that but needs a bit of formation after you can enjoy the full application.
TunnelBear 2.4.5 For Windows

Elegant interface with lots of features

We met with a light share of these applications but only TunnelBear comes with animation and a tutorial that shows new users how to get used to the application and use all its functions.
The application starts with instructions and all kinds of advice on how to use all the tools it offers. New users must register with an email address and verify your account before they can begin to establish VPN connections on their phones. A sidebar provides access to all sections of the application including additional instructions and tips.

Surf the Internet freely

The fine thing about this application is that you are given the option of establishing a VPN connection outside their country and protect their identity while surfing the internet.
It also prevents websites from recording personal data and its location. It is fairly easy to establish a connection simply activate the application and select a location. You can select from several countries including the United States Canada or Japan.
Displays details of your connection on a map and appears to be quite stable without being disconnected too. Users can also search ‘tunnels’ in the map and pressing just hook Location.

Learn more

However TunnelBear only offers 500 MB of free data per month. Send a tweet and you can collect up to 1 GB free data per month. You can too upgrade to a Premium Account for more information.

Pay 2.99 per month for unlimited data for your Android device or $ 29.99 per month for the same characteristics. The application comes with a division containing sounds bear, in terms of brand consolidation application but fortunately does not have any ads or other features that need to be unlocked.

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