Viber 2017 Latest Download For Windows

Viber for Windows  is a free, multi-platform instant messaging to conduct voice calls and video conferencing that allows both texts messaging and image files. Viber is an ideal alternative to today’s most popular voice messaging – Skype.’
Viber gained immense popularity in the mobile version for iOS, BlackBerry and Android, and Windows Phone. Viber desktop version allows you to take the same steps as in the mobile version – enough to have access to the Internet. In addition, when you log in using your own mobile number, you can synchronize your contact list and all the other elements together with the entire archive of interviews (if it has been used from the program in the mobile version). It is worth noting that we can also continue the discussions started in a desktop application, for example, using your smartphone, tablet, or vice versa.
Viber 2017 Latest Download For Windows
Using the program in the desktop version get the best quality of voice and video calls in HD, as well as free send text messages and digital photos. Viber is also characterized by speed and low memory footprint and CPU.
To be able to use Viber messenger must have fixed or mobile Internet and its own mobile phone number, which is required when logging in.
Important Information Of Software


Viber Media Inc


Freeware (free)
Operating System:
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
96.5 MB
Updated Date:
May 09, 2017

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