Vivaldi 1.7.735.36 Snapshot Download For Windows

From the creators of Opera, a browser that is quick, but also a browser that is rich in functionality, highly flexible and puts the user first. This browser is updated weekly, in the form of “Snapshots”.

Quick Commands

Are you a keyboard person? Then you’re lucky. Quick commands allow you to quickly search in different settings, history, open tabs, bookmarks and more with a single keyboard shortcut. Our goal is for the Quick Command menu to be highly customizable, allowing you to make your own commands and execute them quickly.
Take notes as you browse and add screenshots to the right in the handy Notes panel. The notes will automatically remember the site you were currently browsing and allow you to add tags, to organize them easily and to search later.
Vivaldi 1.7.735.36 Snapshot Download For Windows

Speed Dials

All your favorite sites easily accessible from one place. You can also create multiple speed dial groups. Organize your sites based on interests such as sports, news, and technology, or in different contexts such as work, school, etc. You can also add a folder as a speed-dial entry. It is a very powerful feature.

Tab Stacks

Too many unorganized tabs can become a little messy, making it difficult to find the tab you are looking for quickly. Organize your tabs using stacks of chips! It allows grouping several tabs in a single tab. Simply drag one tab to another too easily group it.

Built in Web technology

Vivaldi has a powerful set of features, but that’s not all. One of the things that make Vivaldi unique is that it is built on modern Web technologies. We use JavaScript and React to create the user interface – with the help of Node.js, Browserify and a long list of NPM modules. Vivaldi is the website built with the web.
What’s New:

Tab Stacks: 

Do you feel you have too many open tabs? Vivaldi solves that with the tab stacks. Loosen the tabs one on top of the other to create a stack. It is the quickest way to reduce clutter and stay organized. And when you’re ready to switch between tabs, Vivaldi has a number of customizations for that too.

Tab Stack Tiling: 

Do you have a big screen? Tile that stacks tab and sees multiple pages at the same time! With multiple stacks of chips, it’s like having multiple desktops!


Take your browser administration to the next level. Save your favorite set of tabs as a session for later retrieval.


The perfect tool for researchers. Mark the quotation marks and save them as a note. Vivaldi can remember the site he was browsing at the time and allows him to take screen captures as well.

Quick Commands: 

Access open tabs, bookmarks, history, settings, and more through a command interface.

Mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts: 

If you really want to operate the browser at the speed of light. Mouse gestures turn a wrist movement into almost any action in the browser. Keyboard shortcuts do the same with simple key combinations.

Speed ​​Dialing: 

Your favorite sites and favorites easily accessible from any blank tab. Include Groups and Folders for even More Speed ​​Marked!

Top bookmarks: 

Access your bookmarks from the bookmarks pane, bookmark manager, bookmarks bar and, of course, Speed ​​dials.

Web Panels: 

See the websites in your Vivaldi sidebar. The perfect way to browse tweets, Facebook messages or chat next to the main navigation window. We like to say that it’s the next best thing for a “Boss Button” on the web.


Vivaldi fits you, not the other way around. We have made Vivaldi the most customizable browser, based on the feedback of millions of users. In fact, there are over a million different ways to make Vivaldi your perfect browser.

And of course there is more:

Many more features to discover to ensure you stay productive and effective on the web. In addition, Vivaldi supports Chrome add-ons, although hopefully, you will not need too many with so many functions available out of the box.
Vivaldi is a web browser built for – and with – the web. The user interface uses React and JavaScript as well as Node.js. The browser core uses Chromium, ensuring that pages are processed quickly and accurately.
Important Information Of Software:


Vivaldi Technologies


Operating System:
44.06 MB
Updated Date:

February 07, 2017

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