Wise Game Booster 1.29 For Windows Final Download (full)

June 08, 2015- Wise Game Booster 1.29 For Windows. Wise Game Booster is a free program to optimize the operating system and accelerating action computer games. The program optimizes and manages the system in such a way that boosts performance while playing. As a result, we achieve a much greater fluency in more demanding productions.
The program has a handy interface on which the four powerful tab for managing installed 3D games, optimizing the system and active processes and various system services. The application checks the condition of the computer and when problems are detected, announces the execution of optimization of the entire operating system.
Wise Game Booster 1.29 For Windows Final Download (full)

Wise Game Booster offers: 

  • Increasing the operating system performance and 3D gaming 
  • Increasing liquidity in the more demanding computer games, 
  • The ability to optimize the system a single mouse click 
  • Manage services and news services 
  • The active process management system, 
  • Cleaning memory, 
  • The ability to launch games from within the program, 
  • The possibility of manual or automatic system optimization.

Download Wise Game Booster 1.29 For Windows 

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