Wise System Monitor 1.38.34 For Windows Download

Wise System Monitor is a free tool to control various hardware components and processes on your computer.
The process monitor displays information about running programs and processes that include CPU usage, memory usage, send and receive count the number of bytes sent and received, and the user of the process.
Wise System Monitor also includes a hardware monitor has several sections that display information about your hardware components.
Wise System Monitor 1.38.34 For Windows Download

Always hardware information

Computer Overview – Display an overview of your hardware and operating system.
Processor – View detailed CPU information, such as processor type, processor speed, manufacturer serial number, core temperature, and more.
Motherboard – to see the factory, product name, card type, temperature, fan speed, voltage, more.
Memory – See memory type, memory speed, data width, size, serial number, much more.
Graphics card – View information GPU engine clock, memory clock, memory size and type, temperature, more.
Hard drive – See the device name and type, size, paper type, serial number, much more.
Network adapter – View the name and adapter type, MAC address, Net connection ID.
Sound card – Displays the name and description of sound cards installed.
The program also features a floating window that is always visible allowing you to keep an eye on their use of system resources.
Important Information Of Software


Wise System Monitor


Freeware (free)
Operating System:
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
1.65 MB
Updated Date:

March 14, 2016

Download Wise System Monitor 1.38.34 For Windows

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