YTD Video Downloader 4.8.4 (Windows)

Download- YTD Video Downloader For Windows 4.8.4 Full Free Version:

(September 12, 2014)- As its name indicates, YouTube Video Downloader is a program designed to help you download YouTube clips in order to create a video collection.It can convert extra video formats such as AVI, FLV and MKV, extract the audio stream and save as MP3, AAC, FLAC and others, as well as prepare items for Nokia, BlackBerry, iPhone and other devices.

The tool is wrapped in a clear graphical interface and intuitive user where you can add URLs to clips from YouTube in just a matter of clicks. You can import as lot of links as you want.It is noteworthy that YouTube Video Downloader supports a monitoring tool Live Clipboard, in order to facilitate the process, together with a drop box remains floating above other frames.
Download- YouTube Video Downloader For Windows 3.8.1 Latest

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