Animated Wallpaper Maker 4.1.2 For Windows

January 29, 2015- Animated Wallpaper Maker is a great application that lets you to convert a static desktop background regularly in animated wallpaper.
Although it may sound like a complicated task, the program has been specifically developed to target all users, including novice, so it has a friendly interface and intuitive features.
Although the interface does not help much in this regard Animated Wallpaper Maker also comes with a step by step wizard for you to lend a hand in trying to create an animated wallpaper while also offering several sample projects to demonstrate its features.
While you can work with any picture on your computer as long as it is treated as a PNG, BMP, JPG, or TGA, the application offers multiple effects such as underwater body of water, fire, sound in water, the code of the matrix and the crystal ball.
Each effect comes with its own set of options, so you can customize a number of parameters such as color, reflection, amplitude, slope, saturation, speed and others.
In addition, an independent panel lets you adjust basic properties, such as counting, size and speed, the properties of color and blending mode as well as guidance for better final quality.
Last but not least, you can too configure multiple slides, meaning Animated Wallpaper Maker can also play the role of a wallpaper changer, with those devoted to configure the fade in and fade out fields.
The program runs in low-income and although we noticed some minor slowdowns in Windows 7, there is nothing to worry about.
In general, Animated Wallpaper Maker is a very interesting application that does what it says with lots of customization options. It is easy to use, but needs some time to figure out which feature is which.

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