Clownfish for Skype 3.8 Free Latest

January 29, 2015– Clownfish for Skype is a powerful tool for users who often chat with people from other countries. Since it is not always achievable to find a common language, this app can help translate messages instantly.
You can use this tool to translate outgoing messages so that the recipient reads them in their mother language. To translate the messages that the program uses Google services, Babylon, Bing and other online translation tools.
The program can also encrypt your messages or use a dictionary to check spelling before sending messages. Dictionaries are not included in the standard installation but are available for download at the developer’s website.
Clownfish for Skype 3.8 Free Latest
Although it is not enabled by default, you can organize the application to translate incoming messages to a particular language. This can be helpful when you are not sure about the meaning of a word or phrase.
In addition to translating their messages clown fish can also perform other tasks to enhance your Skype experience. It can notify emails about the activity of a particular user and transmit a message to everyone in your contact list.
The application comes with a number of templates that you can send messages to your friends. If you want instruction on how to start a conversation or congratulate someone for his birthday, this app includes some interesting suggestions.

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In our tests, it almost instantly translated messages displayed and the program will require significant resources to run. It can be simply configured and supports over fifty languages.
In Universal, Clownfish for Skype is an indispensable tool for anyone who needs a translator for Skype chats.

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