AntiPlagiarism.NET For Windows Latest Version Download

December 06, 2015- To check the authenticity of certain texts, most people look for some of it on the Internet to see if the find any similarities. This can be broken sometimes, as not all the results are correct.
Fortunately, there are software solutions such as AntiPlagiarism.NET that can help determine the originality of some text blocks. For proper operation of the application requires the.NET Framework installed on your computer.

Reliable and easy to use tool to detect plagiarism user-friendly interface

The application allows you to check the originality of some of the text, specify how many of them are unique. This can be a useful tool for teachers and content creators as they can easily determine whether students or workers actually wrote a research paper, or simply copy it from some websites or Internet sources.
AntiPlagiarism.NET For Windows Latest Version Download
In addition, you can check the uniqueness of some images or websites, and the application will compare the content of that found on the Internet.

The report reliable saver offers advanced document processing

AntiPlagiarism.NET can help you create detailed reports on the results of the search in some blocks of text, so you can further analyze them. In addition, you can convert Word documents or PDF on the spot, provided that Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader installed on your computer.
You can also check whether the texts were written by verification of the amount of the original text compared to the supposedly copied. Maybe this will help you determine the original contribution of some users, in addition to heavy text.

Handy and powerful text uniqueness verifier

AntiPlagiarism.NET provides you with the tools required to verify the originality of certain texts and websites, using multiple search engines to check them out. With this application, you can easily see if someone wrote the original text or copy it from somewhere.
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December 06, 2015

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