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If you are looking for an application to backup your PC, then Backup4all For Windows Download is the right tool for you. This award-winning backup and compression application perform differential, incremental, mirror, and smart backups. Backup4all can also backup to FTP and store historical details of operations performed. You’ll love its intuitive user interface and numerous features. We’ll discuss the key features of Backup4all for Windows Download below.

Backup4all is an award-winning Compression and Backup application

Backup4all is a popular Windows application that has won numerous awards for its ease of use and powerful features. It supports ZIP64 and creates standard zip files, making it easy to recover deleted files. It also allows you to encrypt your backup files and restore them with AES and other advanced encryption methods.

You can also use Block backups to protect your private data. Backup4all also keeps track of file versions, allowing you to restore any version of any file at any time. You can schedule backups to run automatically, or you can choose to receive notifications via email when a backup is finished.

Many security experts recommend backing up data regularly, to avoid potential risks from ransomware and other problems. In the past, the only option was to purchase expensive backup solutions. But today, you can get a free trial version of Backup4all Professional, an award-winning solution that compresses and encrypts files to help protect your data in case of an emergency. Backup4all has been used by many organizations and is even installed on the laptops of the International Space Station’s crew.

It can perform full, differential, incremental, mirror, and smart backups

The basic backup types supported by Backup4all include full, differential, incremental, mirror, and smart backups. You can also enable encryption. A full backup creates a baseline for all other backup types and creates a ZIP archive that includes all types of data. Differential backup only backs up the items that have changed since the last backup. This method takes a shorter time to complete than a full backup.

If a full backup is selected, the program will determine whether it is required to create a differential backup. If an incremental backup contains modified files, the program will save them. The incremental backup type is the fastest but may take longer to restore the data. Smart backups automatically determine the best backup strategy based on disk space availability and the amount of free disk space available.

It can backup to FTP

If you have a NAS, FTP server, or are running a Windows-based server, Backup4all For Windows can backup to one or more of these destinations. You can choose to backup to a local disk, removable media, or CD burner. Backup4all Lite utilizes Windows XP’s built-in CD burning support; the Standard and Professional editions use their own CD/DVD burner drivers. They can also use network drives and packet writing software. The Professional edition can also backup to remote FTP servers.

When you choose to backup to FTP, you can also change the settings and choose how often to retry the backup. After you choose your destination, Backup4all will attempt to connect to it. It will then check whether the backup catalog exists on the target.

If the connection fails, it will display an error message in the status bar and prompt you to try again at a later time. To test the FTP connection, you can change the number of retries and the time between retries. Backup4all can also perform an online connection test.

It can store historical details of operations done

If you’re wondering how backup and restore programs work, Backup4all For Windows can save you a ton of time. This application can protect your data from disaster with its 128-bit AES encryption and 256-bit AES encryption, which is considered to be military-grade encryption. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to backup and restores your files with ease. Backup4all also includes a step-by-step wizard that walks you through the process of backing up your files and recovering them when needed.


One of the key benefits of Backup4all For Windows is its flexibility. It can back up all folders and files in My Documents. You can also choose to back up just a specific file or select specific files to backup.

It will back up everything to multiple destinations and can even run in the background. It can store historical details of operations performed. Backup4all also supports the scheduling of backups to run automatically at set intervals. Backup4all is available for download for a free 30-day trial.

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