Clear Master 1.94 APK Android

Jan 12, 2015- Google Play Store is filled with all sorts of optimization applications that you can use your device to clear cached data and unnecessary files that cause to move slowly and use resources.
Clear Master is one of those applications and although it is not at the top of its class, it’s still a beautiful and lightweight application that it is worth trying if you’re still looking for that perfect optimizer your Android phone.

The simplistic design that could use an animation

We have become accustomed to all kinds of optimization applications and saw that those who use the animation are more popular than those who do not. Master Clear does not come with a complex interface and should incorporate visual effects in its user interface to create it more interesting.
Another thing it lacks is a tutorial the application does not come with all sorts of instructions or tips or new users to discover its fastest characteristics. However the layout is pretty nice all the features are arranged in a top tool bar of the screen and you can access the settings if you press the icon “hamburger” in the lower right corner of the screen.
Clear Master 1.94 APK Android

Clean your device useless files

The application automatically scans your device and displays information about the total storage of the device, used and free space. You can erase all the traces and cache application data with a tap.
Have Master Clear scan your device to find applications that have cached the data and display the amount in MB It shows you how many of them have cached the data and allows you to clear files individually or in batches. The application also comes with a section that includes other recommended applications some created by the same developer not others.

Clear call log and search folders

Clear Master comes with a section that allows you to clear your call log, including missed or received and dialed calls. You can also delete SMS / MMS including sent, received, projects and failed to send.
But the application does not allow you to select individual texts so make sure you do not have important information in them before deleting them. Clear master can also be used for compensation Gmail search files or clipboard.
Notifications can be enabled for quick launch and users can define a self clear frequency to 8 hours. But the application does not come with a home screen widget.

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