Bitdefender Safebox 1.3.6 Android

January 11, 2015- One problem that many smartphone users face is the storage. Given the many tasks completed using our phones, it is natural that we ran out of space and need to clarify some of the data.
The best way is to use an account of cloud storage that lets you save your files on a server and can be accessed from any device anywhere. Bitdefender Safe is one such service, but only offers 2GB of online storage and comes with an Android application buggy.
Bitdefender Safebox 1.3.6 Android

Nice but simplistic design

Some users appreciate a basic design especially when it comes to utility applications that need to run perfectly without too many icons obstructing the user interface.
However Bitdefender Safe interface is a bit too simplistic. All shortcuts & features are packed under the menu icon leaving enough space on the screen to display files folders.
Stil it would have been nice if the developers had placed direct to the task of loading access, so you do not have to access the menu to save a file. However the application comes with lots of instructions and a tutorial that shows you exactly what you can do with it and how to access the functions.

Upload your files to the cloud

Uploading files is easy enough to do but you will have to register for an account first. Using Facebook or Google to make it faster or email if you do not want to link their social media accounts.
Create multiple files so you can organize your data and start climbing after selecting the destination folder. You can save multiple files at once but the application does not let you to preview them.
This would have been especially helpful considering that users might want no upload your photos and would like to preview.

Buy more space

Safe Bitdefender only offers 2GB of online storage which seems a bit inadequate compared to other similar services. Still provides users with options to purchase more but not detailed within the application.
Safe Bitdefender does not display images but uses its photo viewer app to do so but not play audio files. However all uploaded files are encrypted and users have the option of setting a passcode for added security and protection.

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