Download Cyberfox Web Browser 2021 Latest Version For PC

Cyberfox 2021 is a web browser based on Mozilla designed to take advantage of 64-bit architecture. However, there is too a version for 32-bit computers available. The application has a similar interface and is designed to provide superior performance when browsing your favorite pages.

Improved version of Firefox

Firefox is one of the most popular Internet browsers and is used on a significant number of computers worldwide. Since it is an open-source application other developers have used it to create other browsers with similar or improved characteristics.
This program is one of the better and intends to provide a reliable browser version that uses the SDK Windows 8. You can also download the portable version if you want to run from a removable storage device.

Cyberfox Web Browser 47.0.1

Download Cyberfox Web Browser For Windows Final
The browser uses its own profile system which means that you can create your own collection of bookmarks different from that stored in Firefox. The add-on support is present and allows you to use the same enhanced features.

The improvements that make a stable browser

Since it is based on the Firefox engine the interface looks and feels the same. Additional options were added to the main menu to easily clean the cache and restart the program.
You can also change the position of the tab and open the topic: the Options submenu of the Setup tab. Other changes include the ability to change the appearance of the download list, clone a tab, or activate geolocation features.
The main change is taking place under the hood and is linked to the ability to work on 64-bit systems that are supposed to make the fastest and most stable browser. You must also have in mind the memory usage when comparing the general performance. There is also a version dedicated to 32-bit computers so that all users can Cyberfox give it a try.

Fast and reliable Internet browser for all users

Cyberfox provides you a fast and reliable browser keeping the look of Firefox but providing its own set of improvements. If you are on the hunt for a specially created 64-bit browser Cyberfox is a viable solution that you should try to assess its performance.

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