Download Sensible Soccer 2021 For PC Full Version

Before the FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer arrived at their PC and console video football game that was installed on all computers was Sensible Soccer. It was magnificent.
We have to think it was 1997 and offered very good graphics for that time and great speed, because there are people who still remember those great days (and nights) play football with friends sensitive.
Now, after about ten years, we received a new version of Sensible Soccer 2006.
It’s a long time since the last version, so a graphical comparison would be stupid. But I must say that once you start playing you realize that is Sensible Soccer, cynical vision, strategy game, …
Download Sensible Soccer 2006 For PC Full Version
Now players play with the cartoon with the big head, and we will play faster and faster, as we are used to playing for years.
No waiting for FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer, Sensible Soccer is different, bet on the game experience, you have to pass the ball, find the right position, and shoot. You can enjoy a video game, as they have not enjoyed it for years. Now begins the World Cup, soccer lives at home.
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Operating System:
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Updated Date:
May 14, 2021

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