Dragon’s Prophet 3.0.1552 For Windows Full Game Download

July 07, 2015- Dragon’s Prophet 3.0.1552 For Windows. Dragon’s Prophet is a MMORPG, operating on the principles of Free to Play. By joining the game we will go to the land of fantasy, in which the human race is trying to tame dragons. Players playing the role of trainers, who are catching at the beasts will try to tame temperament and train them so that they serve their masters. 
At our disposal we were given four character classes – Guardian, Ranger, Orcal, Sorcerer and many breeds of dragons. These beasts are diverse in terms of various statistics, attributes and skills. Of course, in Dragon’s Prophet, as in other games of the genre MMORPG game the key issue is to perform a variety of quests and thereby gain experience and character development. 
What is interesting this applies to both the form into which I was embodied as a dragon. The game is characterized by polished graphics and climate, which certainly will appeal to all lovers of fantasy climates.


Downloads are available via download manager which is downloaded installation file game

Minimum Requirements:

  • Processor: No data
  • RAM: No data
  • Graphics card: No data
  • Free disk space: Not available
  • Sound card: No data

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