How Does Laundry Work in Hotel?

Whether you’re staying at a hotel, Airbnb or other travel accommodations with on-site laundry facilities, you need to know how they work. These machines (also known as washers and dryers) are self-serve laundry rooms that allow guests to wash their clothes, towels, sheets, etc. with ease. While they may be a little expensive, they save on having to pack multiple sets of clothing for each day of your trip and it’s easy to find them listed as an amenity in hotel bookings and Airbnb filters.

How Does Laundry Work in Hotel?

Most full-service hotels offer laundry services which generally include washing, drying and ironing. There is usually a laundry bag in your room laundry delivery service that you place your dirty laundry in and then fill out with your preferences on how you’d like your clothes to be processed. Directions on where to leave your laundry are normally written on the bag as well.

Laundry management in hotels involves tracking and logging linen inventory, providing laundry carts, soap and fabric softener to staff and ensuring that all equipment is functioning properly. This is a critical aspect of keeping the property running smoothly as it can directly impact the guest experience and revenue generation.

It’s also important to have clear communication between housekeeping and linen room staff, especially if items are damaged or lost during laundry processing. We recommend using a digital operations solution to create checklists and logs for your team to streamline processes and keep everyone accountable.

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