What Are the 7 Steps of Laundry?

From sorting to drying and ironing, there are many steps in the process of doing laundry. It is important to know what each step entails in order to do laundry properly.

What are the 7 steps of laundry?

Putting dirty clothing into a hamper or laundry basket is the first step. This will help to keep track of the clothing that needs to be washed and reduces the risk of missing a piece. It is also recommended to do laundry delivery service on a regular basis to avoid having a mountain of dirty clothing build up.

Next, sort the laundry into piles based on color and fabric type. This will help to prevent the colors from fading during the washing cycle. The piles should include whites, pastel shades and light grays in one pile, dark colored clothing like t-shirts, jeans and dresses in another, and light, bright colored clothes in another. Finally, a separate pile should be created for fabrics that require special care. This includes wool, silk and lingerie.

Once all of the piles are sorted, it is time to wash the clothing! It is important to read the labels on each item of clothing and follow the directions carefully. This will ensure that the clothes are washed correctly. It is also a good idea to pre-treat any stains that are found on the clothing.

Finally, it is important to remove the clothing from the washer as soon as the cycle is finished. This will help to prevent the clothes from becoming stale and smelling bad. It is also a good idea to empty the lint trap after each load.

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