Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems 1.0 For Windows Download (Update)

June 14, 2015- Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems 1.0 For Windows. Marvel Superheroes: War of the Gems is a free game of the species’ chodzonych ” fights, which, as the name suggests, this happens in the universe Marvel. For playing is not responsible no studio aforementioned corporations, and this product is a figment of the fans. With the rest very good invention. 
The studio that created this work manifests itself under the name of Guima Brothers Creations. After moving to the supernatural world, where there is chaos, destruction and pervasive destruction, takes on one of the four available characters. These include: Spiderman, Wolwerine, Hulk and Ironman. You can guess that each of these characters has a completely different fighting skills. Fighting style is also characteristic for the hero. 
Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems 1.0 For Windows Download (Update)
Apart from the basic attacks, which we can inflict a lot of monstrously heavy combos, we also have special abilities available. Gameplay is fairly typical. Available have three lives. Each level consists of a curiously planned enemies who fall into stronger and weaker. Here scheme boss also repeats itself, because every Level, we can face the messenger of evil, a well-known course of the Marvel universe. So there is no randomness here, and all the characters (no matter whether bad or good) are the reproduction of these in comics. 
An interesting fact is that when choosing one of the characters die too many times, the previous character is replaced by another superhero. For this reason, we can still continue the game. Everything ends and at the moment when each of the four heroes die. Marvel Superheroes: 
War of the Gems is an interesting adaptation of the comic book world to the world of virtual space. It seems to me that every fan of Marvel comics and individual superheroes will be pleased with the run game. Each punch, kick, and another hit “enter” an enemy perfectly, giving the effect of feeling a huge game. Half-day production will delight even those unfamiliar with the history of the whole mighty Marvel history.
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Windows (all version)

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