eScan Anti-Virus 14.0.1400.1722 For Windows Latest Download (Full)

June 14, 2015- eScan Anti-Virus 14.0.1400.1722 For Windows. eScan Anti-Virus is a tool designed for home Users that provides active protection against malware and other online threats. The application supports technology in the cloud, thus effectively finds any risks during the scan and provides a lower CPU usage and memory. 
The security protects against viruses, spyware, adware, keyloggers, rootkits, botnets, hackers, spam, etc. eScan brings a new, very intuitive user interface that is adapted to the latest technology trends. New virus scanner equipped with Whitelisting technology works in the background and should not affect your computer’s performance, even when performing a thorough scan. 
eScan Anti-Virus 14.0.1400.1722 For Windows Latest Download (Full)
eScan Anti-Virus includes friendly features for players – when the user activates the full screen mode all notifications and alerts are not displayed as not to interfere in Game. The program also introduced Laptop Mode, which optimizes application performance for notebook computers.

Download eScan Anti-Virus 14.0.1400.1722 For Windows 

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