Master PDF Editor 2.2.15 For Windows

Feb 03, 2015- Master PDF Editor is an application that lets you view and edit PDF documents. It can be handled by beginners and experienced people.
The tool interface is simple and easy to navigate. PDF files can be imported only through the file browser as the “drag and drop” is not supported.
So, you can insert text, photos, links, list boxes and buttons as well as zoom in and out and increase or decrease the page thumbnails.
In addition, you can go to the first, last, next or previous page, import and extract PDF pages, pages export to images and add sticky notes and highlight or underline text.
Master PDF Editor 2.2.15 For Windows
Besides, you can set bookmarks, add attachments, file properties view, carrying objects to front or send them back, use the cut, copy and paste functions, disable status bar, delete pages or insert blank, and more.
The PDF processing program running on a moderate amount of system resources, has a good response time and no freeze, crash or pop-up errors during our tests. Plus you can get a full help file with snapshots online. We highly recommend Master PDF Editor for all users.

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