Zend Studio 12.0.2 For Windows

February 03, 2015- Zend Studio is a PHP development environment designed to facilitate integrated working PHP developers. The program is an issue of code with all functions and debugging applications that provides programmers with complete facilities to accelerate the software development process.
The interface is organized into panels, so it is easy to use. However, the wide variety of features might make it seem a bit daunting for those who are just looking for a good editor with syntax highlighting.
Zend Studio allows you to create a new PHP project or open an existing one. The IDE supports the new technologies such as Zend framework or the Eclipse platform. Project components are shown in tree view, so you can easily navigate between the application code, documents, JavaScript libraries or resources. Other navigation tools such as bookmarks and search facility are also provided to help you easily find the points of reference in the code.
The program includes a customizable universal formatter code and refactoring capabilities. You can configure your project by selecting the desired builders, code style and templates, as well as facets of project tasks labels and references.
Zend Studio 12.0.2 For Windows
One of the best rewards of the program is that you can easily debug the PHP code, either as a PHP web application testing PHP unit or by creating a new debug configuration, where you get to choose your own interpreter script, variables, encoding settings, breakpoints and so on.
In addition, the IDE automatically detects errors in the code and shows its type, path and location. Therefore, you can browse through the code to find and easily corrected.
To get your code in the repository, Zend Studio connect to both CVS and Subversion. Also supports FTP and integrates with Git and Github.
Zend Studio is more than a code editor, providing developers with professional tools to improve their productivity. Code generation and help, semantic analysis and code debugging are some of the features that make this right IDE for professionals who want to develop applications quickly.

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