Nimbuzz 2.9.3 (Windows) Download

Jan 11, 2015- Nimbuzz combines the powers of the Internet & mobile communications into one and lets you make calls, send messages and share files on any mobile device for free.

It’s everything you need to communicate for free:

  • Call, chat and messaging on their own terms, plus photos, music and video sharing.
  • Be there for your friends – Stay connected see who’s online and what they are doing.
  • Connect with new friends in chat rooms & meet face to face through location sharing.
  • For everyone. No matter what device Nimbuzz is likely that supports it, so go ahead and invite your friends.
Nimbuzz 2.9.3 (Windows) Download


What if you could identify people without worrying about the bill? What if you could call anyone from anywhere for free?
That’s what Nimbuzz is. Among Nimbuzz is free, so you can call all your friends on Nimbuzz for nothing. Call the world for almost nothing, with NimbuzzOut.


Make your mobile do more with less.

Nimbuzz is your new address book. You decide if you want to call, messaging, file sharing or location, or just see who is online and where. With N-World get to customize your profile, challenge friends to games and even download new content to Nimbuzz more fun.
In addition you can use Nimbuzz everywhere on your mobile phone, desktop, or even the Internet browser. You can even import your friends from the popular instant messaging and social networks like Facebook ©, Yahoo! ™, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), GoogleTalk and SIP / VoIP accounts.


Just because you are on your mobile phone does not mean you have to incur expensive (SMS) text messages or multimedia (MMS) charges to keep in touch with friends.
Nimbuzz offers free messaging, photos, music and shared among friends Nimbuzz video so you can save money on every message!
Use group chat for all friends on the similar page. Make new friends in chat rooms and share your views with Twitter. Nimbuzz phone is connected to the people you want to reach through mobile Internet. Not through expensive cell phone networks. All you require is a WiFi connection or an unlimited data plan from your mobile operator.

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