Color Touch Effects 3.2 Android

January 11, 2015- Photography apps are actually popular on Google Play Store and many people use them to enhance your photos and make them stand out.
Color Touch Effects is one of those applications that comes with lots of features and a very intuitive interface. But it is full of all kinds of ads to other applications that users want to download along with banner ads at the bottom of the screen.
Color Touch Effects 3.2 Android

Nice interface with some features

The application requires no registration online and comes with an intuitive interface that displays all sections arranged in thumbnails. You be able to connect your Facebook account to import images and edit them within the application.
Later you can share other easily. Color Touch Effects comes with some instructions tips help you understand the faster application and uses the functions without facing any problem.
You can edit images from inside your gallery or new snap instantly. There is too a section with cool photos that can be edited as desired and last edited picture below on the main page.

Edit photos instantly

The images are imported into black and white touch the screen to see the original. You can apply different effects to the image, the application comes with many to choose from among sepia, infrared, auto contrast, color balance, Solarize, negatives etc.
The third section is the application that allows you to add captions to the image. Choose a color from the palette and move the text as you please. You can too choose from a variety of sources and zoom in / out in the text.
Users also have the option to set the size of the pen and opacity. Simply slide your finger on the image to apply the color. Users can also move or scale images using two fingers.

Share images with friends

When finished editing you can save the image on your device or share it with friends on social networks. Still save images are smaller than 1MB meaning that are not HD and actually lose quality after the save.
The application is best to add effects to images in black and white, but should come with some more features, considering the fullness of photography apps available in Google Play Store and how difficult it is to provide users with absolutely everything they may need for such an application.

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